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2012 Mitsubishi Evo Japanese Ice Dragon Work up has begun

I have begun the Japanese ice dragon that will cover the entire passenger side in airbrush. This is the preliminary drawing that has been approved by the owners stay tuned for more updates

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Wow gonna look good


Oooo, Ice Dragon. Not that I dislike dragons but it is a sore subject with me and that dreaded COLD and SNOW outside! I will feel better about the idea later when it all MELTS! YES!

On the other hand I am excited two times over because it is a dragon and a Mitsubishi. One of these years I will get another one. Oh to think about my '91 Mitsubishi Eclipse that I bought for $300 and was a POS but it was MINE! Bought it myself as my first car. Learnt from it and enjoyed it..... after alternator was fixed. lol


Ed Beard Jr
Ed Beard Jr
Feb 17, 2021

Here is the blank canvas

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