Welcome to the Art of Ed Beard Jr

Over 40 years of hand painted original art, illustration and custom automotive airbrush work

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Fantasy Art Prints and Posters
Collector Art Cards
Jigsaw Puzzles
Statues and Figurines
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Ed Beard Jr has created art for over 1000 published products over the past 40 plus years. His art includes dragon art for the "Dragon" calendar, Dragon, wizards Fairies, horror and other mythological creatures and subjects. You can find his works on: art prints, posters, T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, and collectibles. You will also find many of his works on custom Hot Rods and Motorcycles from his early years and current work as an airbrush muralist for the custom Automotive industry. Ed Beard Jr. is known for his works in Magic the Gathering art, Automotive airbrush art, Tolkien art, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit art as well Dungeon and Dragon's art, T-shirts from the Mountain Corporation, Skinit lap top designs, Jigsaw puzzles and many other licensed products.

Ed’s work offerings include but are not limited to:
Custom commissioned vehicle airbrush

Original fantasy art for sale or commission

Limited Edition Prints and collectibles

Educational seminars and demonstrations

Instruction and mentoring classes

Signing and guest appearances.


Automotive Industry Television Guest Appearances;

Ed co produces the Vanarama Custom Van show at Carlisle PA during the Truck Nationals every year. Ed’s custom Airbrush can be found at car and bike shows across the country including SEMA the Automotive aftermarket Superbowl of all shows. Ed is often a featured guest on a variety of television network shows with interviews of his award winning airbrush mural work. Ed’s work seen on his DragonLord Van is just one example of his detail and skill that he puts into every job “literally” no matter how small.


For more info on Ed’s services contact Ed at his studio garage at 570-547-1710 or contact us with details about your commission and art needs.


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Commission Art

Commissioning an original art work of your specifications is easy.

1. Simply contact us with a detailed description of the subject, adding as much detail and background as possible. 

2. Please specify if you would like the work to be in color or black and white.

3. Identify if this is for publication, or if the commission is for a private party/ personal use.

4. Please indicate if you wish to only license the use of the commission and not take possession of the Original Artwork.

We will promptly review your inquiry, and present you with an estimate or exact quote.

Also available- Custom Illuminations for your purchased prints. Each illumination is a one of one original concept. Framing also available, please contact us for a quote. 

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Autograph Policy

Ed signed cards and other collectible items that he illustrated for publishers of a variety of products and games, free through the mail for over 25 years. Due to Ed’s prolific career in a diverse ever expanding artistic industry of 40 years, as well as demand for his attendance for both guest appearances for his fantasy art and licensed works, as well as his automotive airbrush seminars at major car shows and TV network programming, Ed is required to be on the road nearly 11 months of the year.


Ed is no longer able to sign cards through the mail as a result of the logistics of his unavailability. However, Ed attends a variety of conventions, Renaissance fairs and automotive car shows and trade shows across the country where he makes guest appearances, and is more than happy to sign “a card,” or an item from his published works.


If you are looking to have more than one item signed at one of these events, we require a purchase of one of our collectible products valued at no less than $25. As a courtesy of appreciation for your supporting his work, Ed will sign for free up to four cards or items from his collectible works.

Ed does not sign for international collectors through the mail.

RARE EXCEPTIONS: In some rare circumstances Ed may make an exception based upon a request that rises to the occasion of need or exception.


Please send a letter of inquiry that demonstrates a merit based situations of great hardship, health crisis or otherwise exception and the reasons that warrant making such exception. These exceptions may include but are not limited to undue hardship both physically and financially, health crisis or in memory of scenarios. Please provide any evidence and or documentation to validate any claim or request. Ed in his sole discretion will determine whether or not your inquiry meets the qualifications to make such exception.


Note: That if an inquiry is deemed acceptable the responses could take upwards of a year or more in response as a result of his travels.


There are no promises commitments or implied guarantees that any letter received from anyone inquiring about signatures will be accommodated outside of the normal procedure.


Once again the exceptions are for rare cases only, if you believe you have such an exception that merits Ed’s attention and consideration please mail your inquiry (DO NOT EMAIL) to the following address:

Art of Ed Beard JR

Signing exception

PO Box 302



DO NOT MAIL ITEMS WITH YOUR LETTER OF INQUIRY: We do not accept emails of inquiry, only written letters received at our PO Box

DO NOT SEND ANY MAIL/CARDS TO ED'S PERSONAL ADDRESS- That is a serious breach of privacy which will not be tolerated, your letter and its contents will be disposed of immediately


Fantasy Artist Ed Beard Jr Fantasy Art Workshop

As a self taught artist, I discovered and perfected methods to achieve my work more efficiently and with less limitations than traditional tangible medium techniques. Thrown out of public school art class in 9th grade, because I dared to draw images of the fantastic, Medieval, comic and mythology rather than the abstract and unidentifiable splatter of paint in the middle of the white canvas, I learned all of my skill sets through years of trial and error, working around the traditional methods to develop my own unique and highly achievable techniques and methods. Once you experience these techniques, you will see how empowering and EASY it actually is. These techniques have allowed me to produce highly detailed works much more efficiently and less dependent on reference thus freer to create as the imagination allows. These methods are not found in traditional educational institution.


For the past 25, years I have been a guest teacher and speaker at many Art colleges and Institutes to present these techniques to graduate classes and conducted private group classes demonstrating these methods. This self taught method allowed me to develop the unique approach and methods that both streamlined the use of the mediums, and allowed for a more expansive use and end result that otherwise would have been limiting with use of conventional methods. With an emphasis on both memorization skills and photographic memory techniques I also developed a unique approached to conceptual character development through finished rendering that allowed for a far more unlimited range of diversity without being dependent exclusively on reference materials, multitude of sketches or unnecessary or mechanical transfer methods. AGAIN: Once you experience these techniques you will see how empowering and EASY it actually as nearly ALL of my woks are created from my mind with little or no reference unless specifically required for portrait likenesses or specific client content. This method allowed me to have the advantage in my field as I could work from a blank sheet of paper and envision anything in my minds eye from a few simple steps. Much like building a puzzle, each stroke of the brush or pencil would lead to the other without dependency on reference as the previous would dictate the next. I have taught these and other medium based processes for nearly 38 years at various conventions.


After a nearly 4 decade long freelance art career as an illustrator for Magazines, Games like D&D, Magic the Gathering, novelties, collectibles, auto Airbrush industry and just about every surface medium and subject one can think of for over 38 years, I have returned to teaching private classes. Classes are small, one on one with an extremely limited number of slots per class. Potential candidates are selected on a per person basis. Selections are based on passion, drive, and desire to embrace the best one can be in producing fantastic works of "Original Art" Like to know more details, costs, amenities etc. and attend one of Ed’s upcoming Classes? Contact us or call our studio at 570-547-1710