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Fantasy and Magic the Gathering Official Playmats


Hand Drawn Original Art on Mat 

Have your Official Magic the Gathering Ultra Pro Playmat hand drawn by Ed Beard Jr. Below, you will see a variety of examples. These are examples, and are not the exact artwork you will receive. Ed has broken down price brackets for comparable art content and technique to fit everyone's budget. You may request subject matter that is generic in topic, such as: dragons, wizards, angels, zombies etc.


Ed will contact you to confirm the subject you're looking to have done, and whether it is within the bracket, or requires an additional fee. Please note, these fees and commissions are for generic imaging and not specific characters or commission work. You understand and agree to allow the artist total artistic freedom and interpretation of the suggested subject. Ed does his best to create a unique interpretation for every playmat that he does. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form.

Card Signing Policy

Ed signed cards and other collectible items that he illustrated for publishers of a variety of products and games, free through the mail for over 25 years. Due to Ed’s prolific career in a diverse ever expanding artistic industry of 40 years, as well as demand for his attendance for both guest appearances for his fantasy art and licensed works, as well as his automotive airbrush seminars at major car shows and TV network programming, Ed is required to be on the road nearly 11 months of the year.


Ed is no longer able to sign cards through the mail as a result of the logistics of his unavailability. However, Ed attends a variety of conventions, Renaissance fairs and automotive car shows and trade shows across the country where he makes guest appearances, and is more than happy to sign “a card,” or an item from his published works.


If you are looking to have more than one item signed at one of these events, we require a purchase of one of our collectible products valued at no less than $25. As a courtesy of appreciation for your supporting his work, Ed will sign for free up to four cards or items from his collectible works.

Ed does not sign for international collectors through the mail.

RARE EXCEPTIONS: In some rare circumstances Ed may make an exception based upon a request that rises to the occasion of need or exception.


Please send a letter of inquiry that demonstrates a merit based situations of great hardship, health crisis or otherwise exception and the reasons that warrant making such exception. These exceptions may include but are not limited to undue hardship both physically and financially, health crisis or in memory of scenarios. Please provide any evidence and or documentation to validate any claim or request. Ed in his sole discretion will determine whether or not your inquiry meets the qualifications to make such exception.

Note: That if an inquiry is deemed acceptable the responses could take upwards of a year or more in response as a result of his travels.

There are no promises commitments or implied guarantees that any letter received from anyone inquiring about signatures will be accommodated outside of the normal procedure.


Once again the exceptions are for rare cases only, if you believe you have such an exception that merits Ed’s attention and consideration please mail your inquiry (DO NOT EMAIL) to the following address:

Art of Ed Beard JR

Signing exception

PO Box 302



DO NOT MAIL ITEMS WITH YOUR LETTER OF INQUIRY: We do not accept emails of inquiry, only written letters received at our PO Box

DO NOT SEND ANY MAIL/CARDS TO ED'S PERSONAL ADDRESS- That is a serious breach of privacy which will not be tolerated, your letter and its contents will be disposed of immediately. 

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