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Fantasy Artist, Ed Beard Jr. depicts his version of a dragon falling under the same fate as the gargoyles thousands of years ago.


For a millennia, this dragon has been forced to sleep, entombed in stone and mortar. An evil sorcerer had cast a sinister curse upon the dragon. Then in the sorcerer's own ambitious arrogance, created a monument in which he displayed the dragon in his rock encasement. But much like the curses upon gargoyles throughout time and myth, there would come a time for this dragon to awaken once more. Under the radiance of the full moon an exact millennia from when he was enshrined, the dragon breaks free.


This is an regular edition, limited to only 1000 copies. Each print comes hand signed and numbered by Fantasy Artist, Ed Beard Jr. Custom matted to a finished size of approx. 16" x 20".



The Awakening


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