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Ed Beard Jr presents the first collector card/game to bridge the gap between Fantasy Art collectors, Literary Enthusiasts and Gamers. All this in one product called, "Flights of Fantasy". The core set will consist of 90 cards divided into three subsets: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Each subset of 30 cards will bring forth an intense story line on the backs of these cards. Corresponding with the storyline will be a specially designed game concept never before seen in this format. All the art work for the core set of 90 cards has been exclusively produced by internationally known Game Illustrator, Ed Beard, Jr. Ed began this May of 1992. All work on the 90 card core set has been painstakingly created to the exact specifications of the storyline. This is the first and only "Flights of Fantasy" Collector card set and Game of its kind. March 1992

This never before seen concept will appeal to the traditional role playing gamer due to the highly realistic and detailed fantasy art work, as well as the graphic novel like backs to the cards. In addition the game has a fresh new approach that allows the player to engage in a quick and fierce battle based on the storyline concept. There are a variety of alternative ways to play depending on which you prefer. Uniquely designed random elements decide the games fate to assure fair play.

Flights of Fantasy Collector Card Game


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