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A Dragon is born in this brown tone fantasy art print entitled: Dragon's Scion.


A Great and Noble "Troll," who once dwelled in the forests of Carver, told us of a spectacular event that was to occur at the dawn of the millennium. Deep within the subterranean dwellings of a great and powerful Wizard, a rare birth of a Fire Dragon was unfolding. With haste, we felt it imperative to capture this "New Arrival" at the moment it had emerged from it's egg. With Mother looking down and 'Godfather' Wizard overseeing, the Dragon's Scion was born.


Note, like many of Ed Beard's works, there are hidden objects within the walls of this chamber.


The Artist Proof Edition of Wizard's Emissary" means the first 100 prints ever printed and hand picked by the artist, Ed Beard Jr., are signed and numbered as Artist Proofs.


This print measures 18" x 22" and is limited to 100.


This beautiful work is printed in a brown tone on ancient ivory, premium archival 100lb. paper stock.

Dragon's Scion Artist Proof


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