Was released from the hospital yesterday still fighting infection but at least it’s going in the right direction still the intestines have not come online long road to recovery thanks for all your support

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Ed’s wife Kelly here typing for him: ED'S POST OP UPDATE : the last 4 days of post op pain is far worse than the appendicitis! It has been 4 days of constant agony, a few hrs sleep, no food or water barely two teaspoons of broth and I get immediate pressure and agony pain worse than than the 20 hrs suffering through appendicitis.

I spoke to one of the attending surgeons today he said it appears your intestines are not coming back online therefore everything is getting trapped building gas and it’s called ILEUS large intestine not working blocked off.

Also I’ve had a low-grade fever looks like I’m continuing to fight more infections now five days later.

He has told me to keep moving I have been walking and moving the last five days to no avail but he says do it a little more and if it doesn’t change then I have to come in to have another procedure.

I’ll probably have to go in again tonight if not tomorrow for sure if this doesn’t come back online asap.

I have never had any problems with my intestines never had any bowel issues etc.

The pain has been beyond comprehension and I have had surgeries with no pain meds all my life. I don’t even know the difference anymore between when I’m in pain and not in a constant fog of pain. When they ask is it 1 to 10 I would say 11 at this point.

Imagine your entire stomach all over in every direction and location or massive gas pressure that makes your stomach look like you’re seven months pregnant.

He said it is not the CO2 from the surgery at this point.

Really hoping to come online soon or Dragon Lord is going to be re-hospitalized.

I have followed these surgeons instructions and I will do that continuously until there’s no choice.


From Kelly: Please understand Ed is not going to be able to follow through with emails, communications private messages if you hear from him it’s actually me communicating on his behalf but it’s really tough, he cannot move right now he is in severe pain he can barely see straight please give him the time he needs for recovery.

Thank you.


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Once again thanks for all the well wishes I know the Dragon Lord generally bounces back pretty fast but I have to admit this one is kicking my ass please forgive me for not getting back to everyone as soon as possible but there’s a lot of post surgery pain and infection that I’m dealing with thanks again.

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