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Throughout history, mankind has told stories of multi-headed Dragons that posses the powers of many species of Dragons. Names such as: Hydra, serpent and Tiamat have emerged from these tales and Myths. Ed Beard Jr. has compiled his own unique interpretation of these manifestations of the Queen, or mother, of all Dragons. Ed Beard Jr. has created a never before seen interpretation of a multi-headed and weaponed Dragon that incorporates 5 of the most legendary of the greatest Dragon Species all combined into one.


Artist Ed Beard Jr. brings us his own unique interpretation whether you call this Dragon Queen; "Tiamat" or "Hydra" St. Michael and the multi-headed dragon, Hecatonchires, Landon or any other name, She is the Dragon Queen. Ed Beard Jr. spent nearly a year to make sure his interpretation was unique and not like any other portrayals of a multi-headed Dragon ever illustrated and different from any version of a Dragon Queen.


Many people think of the dragon derived from Babylonian Mythology, that goes by the name Tiamat, an enormous female dragon who is the personification of chaos. She is believed to be the primordial mother of all that exists.


Many artists and authors have illustrated and written their own interpretation of the Babylonian Myth of Tiamat.


This has been one of his most anticipated works of art. Collectors everywhere have been awaiting this piece from the first discussions of the conceptual design to watching his painting demonstrations across the country as they saw the Dragon Queen evolve from a plain canvas to her awesome completion.


This print is limited to 1000 copies and comes signed and numbered by the artist.


It comes custom matted in black to a finished size of 25" x 29


The Dragon Queen


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