The "Lunch with a Toothpick" and by many other phrases such as "Sometimes the Dragon Wins" or "To a Dragon you are crunchy and good with Ketchup" all appropriately fit the character of our lovable chubby Dragon as he removes the overzealous Knights from their shells/armor, much like a Lobster Dinner to we humans, and picks his teeth with a lance as any properly bred Dragon would do!


Hand painted sculpture created by veteran Fantasy game, book, and calendar artist, Ed Beard Jr, brings to you, via the master craftsman at Veronese and Unicorn Publishing CA, the ultimate dragon lovers collectible. Ed has worked with the sculptors closely with multiple drawings provided from all angles, as well as painted color references, to ensure that every angle captures the vision that embraces the story of "Lunch with a Toothpick" This sculpture measures approximately 6.5" tall 7"wide at the base and is hand painted. Made of the highest quality stoneware resin for precision detail. Extremely Limited and ships directly from the manufacturer Veronese Designs.

Lunch with a Toothpick Statue


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