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VANARAMA 10 EVENT BANNER "Galactic Getaway" 13 oz approx. 24x42 VINYL AUTOGRAPHED BANNER with 4 gromets pre order (Meaning NOT in stock MADE TO ORDER! All Vanarama 10 banners will be delivered directly to Carlisle events for the event. The image captures the "Parody" of Custom Vans in space along side a small part of the art showing the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 tribute salute to the classic 60's Star Trek "to bodly go where no van has gone before completes this event shirts Parody/Satire. With it's throw back to albumn covers of the 60's-90's Ed captures the classic art of his generation to which he was instrumental in creating.Presenting Fantasy and Airbrush Artist Ed Beard Jr's latest hot rod van art for the Vanarama events!


As always, Ed works with old-school hand-eye coordination techniques graphite pencil line on paper direct from the insane mind, to the hand, to the paper! This theme encompasses the highlight airbrush technique, naturally used with the best liner brushes on the planet by Von Dago.



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