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Orinal art recently sold

big thanks to my collectors Dan and Chrissy Norris and Mike RobertoI i’ve been getting quite a few inquiries lately asking how much do I sell my tightly finished rendered black and white art (some original magic the gathering art that’s 25 to 28 years old now) years old now and some popular licensed fantasy art. Of course this included inquiries about color original art that I still own possession of in my vault. The best way to answer that is to state factual sales that have recently occurred over the last few years by example and this hopefully will be read by enough people who tend to come here to inquire rather than my website and give them a least a base idea on my price structure and what I typically sell my originals for all the time. This way they know if this is something that’s within their budget or not before inquiring having me dig out my massive portfolio binders out of storage in my vault of goodies just to find out this is not within the price range.


Two of my more recent Patreon live got A lot of inquiries from the demonstrations regarding availability for sale and price i sell at of the originals. The pieces Yin Yang black and white large drawing was SOLD as a commission several years back for $4800 to my dedicated collector Dan Chrissy Norris Who I am always grateful for their support, and the original magic the gathering preliminary drawing of peregrine mask Which was sold to My fellow Rhode Islander Mike Roberto who commissioned it to be completed back almost 2 years ago. Mike Purchased the original color painting and I offered him to finish the original drawing as a bonus to be thrown in with the deal totaling $5600 out of which the value placed on the black and white if I had sold it separately would be approximately $3200 and the color painting if sold separately typically sells for at least $4500 as is typical for my less popular yet still rare original magic color art.

Most of my social media interactions is now handled on my own personal website and group called “Dragon Lord & friends group” I continue to remove content off FB/ instagram

I always recommend folks joining the group and interact with other like-minded individuals and fans of the fantastic

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