Our signed edition giclée's are hand-signed by artist Ed Beard Jr. and printed on the finest grade quality canvas available with eco-friendly archival and UV protected inks. They are printed with a special proprietary process that builds the UV protection into the actual link itself.

We offer these canvases in both standard stretcher, designed specifically to be framed or Gallery wrapped where we print a duplicate of the edge of the image all the way around on the sides of the canvas. Gallery wrapped sides are a depth of 1 1/2 inches thick giving a three-dimensional affect and no framing required. The gallery wrapped version comes with its own easy to hang framing system and hardware. 


Whether it is the standard stretcher for framing or gallery wrap there is no difference in price. If you wish to purchase the Standard stretch - please go to The Emerald Fairy, Earth Elemental Giclee Standard Stretch order page.


On the back of our canvas giclées is the artist's signature branded into the wood, signifying this special collector's edition.


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Free Shipping is provided with these Giclee's PLEASE NOTE there is a minimum 30 day turn around time for these Giclee Canvases.


About this image: The Emerald Fairy, Earth Elemental


The power of the Earth Elemental commands the Emerald, the gem of "Eternal Spring", to awaken the growth and harmonic balance of nature. The Earth Elemental is known to many as Mother Nature. The emerald symbolizes the birth of spring and the generation of new growth of vital plants essential for the sustaining of a healthy atmosphere. The emerald has been known to help the possessor maintain eternal youth, much like the ageless fey and elves of the forests.

Earth Fairy Elemental Giclee Standard Stretch


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