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2 NEW TUMBLERS Dragons and Fairies

The dragons and fairies tumblers will be available on our website tomorrow for pre-order only this gives you an opportunity to save big and purchase it at approximately $10 less than its regular retail this is the only way we will actually be able to order these if we pre-order them since we have no shows running we thought we would pass on the savings and also secure enough to meet our minimum‘s response was excellent so please follow through and place your order in our store check back over the next day or two in our store and here where we will place the link

Printed in the USA in Pittsburgh PA my home state. I will be taking pre orders soon to see if these TWO Tumblers are what you folks want. They are identical to the Yeti at a better price. 20 oz for $24.99. ( PRE ORDER PRICE ONLY) after that the average retail of $34.00! Stainless steel outside and inner limning with COPPER insulated center. Image is printed 9 NOT a cheesy paper insert) Keep your coffee hot for many hrs and super cold for longer

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