Copyright Restrictions and Allowable use of the Art of Ed Beard Jr.

*Charitable organizations or Educational  uses non-profit only:  Qualified charities must contact our office and request permission in writing or e-mail.  Mr. Beard supports many charities and schools across the globe.  Ed is always glad to allow the use of his works in lectures or other non-profit ways to help raise money for great causes.

Current Charities and organization that Mr. Beard donates his works or funds from the sale of a work to annually and highly recommends.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

St Jude Children's Hospital

The Unicorn Children's Foundation

Example of personal uses that are allowed :

*Personal web pages:  ( Not for tags or to be manipulated without permission) you must include a link back to our website

*Tattoo art:  where you wish to have one of Ed Beard's art works tattooed upon your own person, here are the requirements:

        The copyright holder, Ed Beard Jr. will send a permission letter for use of his art work if the following conditions are met:

        The permission that will be given is for a one time use only for the specific customer that contacts us.  We will need the tattoo artist's name, business name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.  The tattoo artist and customer must agree to the terms preferably by e-mailing Ed Beard Jr.  The tattoo artist further agrees to not use the art as flash for any other customer, the art can not be used for solicitation of tattoo work or any other promotional purposes.   Further, the tattoo artist may not take credit for the art in competition without copyright credit to the original creator. Credits should be written for competition as follows:

tattoo artist name:____________ after Copyright Ed Beard Jr.

        Upon receipt of agreement by customer and tattoo artist, Ed Beard Jr. will then respond with authorization to proceed with the tattoo.

        Also, we encourage the customer to send us photographs of the completed work and we will then showcase it on our website. It is one of the greatest honors to have a collector or fan of Mr. Beard's works wish to make the image a permanent part of a human being.

        Here is an example:


All artwork/ images in part or in whole are protected by US Copyright laws. You may NOT use any images in part or in whole for any reason other than for personal "NOT FOR PROFIT" uses.

This includes the "myth" that decoupage or applique or any other craft or use that is sold, auctioned or otherwise presented to the market place is acceptable, IT IS NOT.

Modifying the image in any way no matter how minimal or extensive, is still a violation of US copyright laws and not permitted.

Some of the types of illegal modifications and non acceptable uses are:

* Tags without permission

* Banners

* Altered art game cards

* Any digital or hand modified print, original or product that the art appears upon or within.

If you are unsure about usage and it is not listed on this page please contact us for permission.

Some frequently asked questions about what another artist can or can not do with or to another artists work:

How much do I have to change in order to claim copyright in someone else's work?
Only the owner of copyright in a work has the right to prepare, or to authorize someone else to create, a new version of that work. Accordingly, you cannot claim copyright to another's work, no matter how much you change it, unless you have the owner's consent. See Circular 14, Copyright Registration for Derivative Works.

From the US Copyright Office, Library of Congress Circular 14 Copyright Registration for Derivative Works

Who Can Prepare a Derivative Work?
Only the owner of copyright in a work has the right to prepare, or to authorize someone else to create, a new version of that work. The owner is generally the author or someone who has obtained rights from the author.

US Library of Congress: Copyright Law of the United States and related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code

One of the rights accorded to the owner of copyright is the right to reproduce or to authorize others to reproduce the work in copies or phonorecords. This right is subject to certain limitations found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code)

U.S. copyright law grants certain visual artists the right to, among other things, prevent the "intentional
distortion, mutilation, or other modification of the work which would be prejudicial to" the artist's honor or reputation. 17 USC


Anyone who thinks modifying another person's visual image, adding to or manipulating in any way another person's art and leeching profit off of other's hard earned work and success is protected under the Fair use doctrine, you are seriously mistaken and there are hundreds of thousands of case law to substantiate that "Section 107" in no way remotely suggests that any modification, adding to, extending upon, flipping, rotating or any use of an existing intellectual visual property is fair use when produced or sold for profit.

Our attorney is always available for you to inquire with if you are not sure about any information contained on this page.

Stephen M. Litwin

One Ship St.

Providence, RI 02910


Please note that we take a very aggressive stance to protect Ed Beard Jr's intellectual properties and will continue to pursue any and all violators who are found to have unlawfully used any art work contained or displayed within these web site pages or any of Ed Beard Jr's images. You will be forced to cease and desist any and all uses followed by an automatic discovery of your assets and sales of the pirated or infringed upon merchandise. If it is discovered that you continue to unlawfully use the intellectual properties you will be prosecuted for criminal and willful theft of copyright properties. Any and all punitive damages will be fully enforced. We have managers and associates in just about every state and at every one of our Renaissance fairs and convention locations. These dedicated people are constantly looking out for any unlawful use. We have several hundred fans who surf the net and E-Bay also in pursuit of violators. It would not be prudent to take that chance.

A personal note from Ed Beard Jr.

 As a young struggling artist I worked aggressively for 15 years before finally becoming what I would call somewhat financially successful as a freelance illustrator. Throughout all that time I never plagiarized or infringed upon another artist nor ever attempted to use or modify another artist's creations or works in part or in whole, to make a dime, no matter how bad things were.  It's called being ethical and having respect for another artist's works.

Regretfully it has become a full time job for my attorney and friends to police the WWW as well as shows for those unethical people who think that the labor and creativity of others is theirs for the taking for profit. It is the saddest testimony of the age we live in and truly saddens me when I think of  the lack of moral and ethical respect that people today have for themselves and the works of others.

I have been a teacher and mentor for over 25 years and aside from over 135 students I have either published or assisted in the illustration and Gaming field, I have always been sympathetic as well as professionally supportive of young artists all over the globe. All you need to do is view my 14 You Tube instruction videos that I created for FREE use(even though my instruction videos are sold and make a good portion of my income ). 

I do this so that young illustrators can receive some of my 30+ years of experience and receive the advice and insight that I was never fortunate to receive in my youth. I also spend well over 4 hrs per night at times, responding to questions about technique to the hundreds of subscribers and young artists who ask questions about the videos, desire a portfolio review and helpful hints to becoming a successful artist. Take a moment to view these videos and posts for yourself ( just type the key word Ed Beard Jr.) I think you will see that I am perhaps one of the most generous and supportive people you will find of new, up and coming artists in my field.

In some cases, as I have defined above, I allow artists to make profit off my clients who request my art works to be used for profit by giving permission to those who "ask" and show this minimal level of respect as well as give credit where credit is deserved.  I am also very generous with young artists who demonstrate a true desire and respect to the original creator of art, who respect and uphold copyright laws and above all strive to create their own unique style and works.

Unfortunately these type of people are few and far between these days.  Some of these people even go so far as to gather together on forums and groups to convince themselves that riding the coat tails of another person's success from creating derivative works or modifying one's art is perfectly acceptable. Further than this they actually defame and slander anyone who resists allowing them to continue this thievery and don't let them get away with it.

I think it's fair to be upfront as I have always been. I am a man of my word and a stand up guy, so when I say if you steal from me, slander me or do anything that disrespects my work or reputation, I will pursue you with an equal and greater ferocity and passion. I  live by a simply philosophy, I can be your greatest ally force or your worst enemy.

All the best,

Ed Beard Jr.


Please respect and support the artist and his hard efforts by abiding by these terms and conditions. We look forward to granting many of you a legal license so that all parties involved can enjoy the profits from one of the most popular and abundantly licensed fantasy artists of our time.


Thank You,

Art of Ed Beard Jr.



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